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Lift’s description.

Borzhava pass is not in vain in the top of 50 places in the world to build a ski resort. Nature drew slopes of varying difficulty and length, while a man only just trying to take advantage of all the recreational potential of Borzhava. But recent advances have been made: it was built a chair road in Pylypets and Izky finally developed the system of snow spraying.

1. Podobovets — a place that is interesting for both beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders. In Soviet times there were held the Union championships of downhill. Also Podobovets is a great place for freeriding. The distance from the Military-estate «Grun Hof» is 5 km, 3 rope tows in length from 400 to 1300 hours on 4 tracks of complexity «for beginners» to «average.» The transfer fee is 40 UAH per car.

2. Pylypets – it is the most «untwisted» place for skiing on Borzhava. Lifts for every taste and color. Powered ratrak. A great place for freeriding. Last year, the season closed in April. The distance is 15 km from the Military-estate «Grun Hof», a chair lift and 4 rope lifts from 400 to 1500 hours on 4 tracks of complexity «for beginners» to «average.» The transfer fee is 80 UAH per car.

3. Izky – it is the latest ski resorts on Borzhava, everything is done at a decent level. Driving is fun for beginners and middle level, there is also an opportunity to teach very little children. Powered ratrak. Distance from the Military-estate «Grun Hof» is 18 km, 1 chair lift and one rope lift from 500 to 800 m 2 of road complexity «for beginners» to «average.» There is a system of snow spraying and baby-lift. The transfer fee is 100UAH per car.