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Homepage Special offers Corporate three-day tour of Transcarpathia "Arpad line".

Corporate three-day tour of Transcarpathia "Arpad line".

Corporate three-day tour of the Transcarpathia «Arpad line.»
Three days. 1300 UAH.

The first day — training.
The first day of training on a hike to Mount V. Laz and cooking porridge-16 shot by Officer recipes with trophy smoked ribs and Transcarpathian lard.

Itinerary Day: Volovets — Guklyviy – V. Laz — Guklyviy
Arriving at the railway station Volovets.
Stay in Military-estate «Grun Hof».
Two-, three-bed rooms with all conveniences.

Slovak military breakfast.
Stewed blades — Slovak national dish is prepared with beans, flour and cream filling.

Go by the rise to V. Laz.
During the lifting the detachment commander tells about the hard life of the hungarian military (which were steppe) in the Carpathians. On top of V. Laz conducted war games and competitions, cooked porridge-shot 16. Tasting of the mountain healing tinctures.

Going down the mountain V. Laz and return to the Military-estate «Grun Hof».
Carpathian banya, watching movies about World War II.
Transcarpathian cheese — tasting of four varieties (Selyskyy, Narcissus Carpathians, goat cheese, sheep cheese) with the best Transcarpathian wines.

Day Two — Arpad and through Carpathian nature.
Itinerary Day: Guklyviy – V.Hrabivnytsya — Lake. Synevyr — Kolochava — Guklyviy.
Hungarian military breakfast.
Rokot krumpli — Hungarian dish of potatoes, smoked sausage, cheese and cream.

Pylypets — waterfall «Shipot
You will visit the largest waterfall in Transcarpathia, which is in reserve Shypot. Locals say that the 5-minute bath in the waterfall adds a year of health life.
Also in Pylypets you can climb the mountain Hemba (1491 m) using a chair lift.

The lake Synevyr.
On the way to the lake you will cross on a single mineral in river, helipads on Synevir pass, with a beautiful view of Borzhava and Nehrovets, pass along the mouth Tereblya and get to one of the 7 natural wonders of Transcarpathia — Lake Synevyr.
At the end of detachment you’ll have a dinner. On the shore Tereblya we’ll prepare Bohrach-huyash — hungarian national dish originally from nomadic past, which consists of 26 ingredients.

Kolochava — Museum of Arpad line.
In Kolochava you will visit the restored bunkers of line of Arpad, clearly acquainted with the life of the hungarian military, estimate assembled an arsenal of weapons, see the hospital.

Military-estate «Grun Hof».
Carpathian banya, watching movies about World War II.
Tasting three varieties of honeys and transcarpathian honey productes (three kinds of honey, pollen, two types of medovuha, honey balm).

Day three — final.
Hutsul partisan breakfast.
Banosh — Hutsul cuisine, prepared with corn flour, sheep cheese, sour cream.

V. Hrabivivnytsya — bunker of line of Arpad.
You will visit the largest available bunker of hungarian Arpad defensive line during the WWII. The length of the hopper is 2 km, the depth is 50 m and consists of 3 tiers.
Background: The defense system was built from 1939 to 1944 to deter a possible attack of Red Army crossed the Carpathians. Length was 660 km, depth 70 km, there were nearly 2000 objects.

Military-estate «Grun Hof» — military competition.
Competition shooting with different weapons, throwing of the grenades, high-speed color of grass.
Dinner and goodbye «kapurkova» glass. The choice of national dishes and soups and barbecue: Boyko mushroom watering, chovlent, zhurek (Lemko soup with smoked ribs), ribs in honey sauce, trout in Verkhovyna, veal medallions and more.
Railway station (Volovets).

Price includes:
transportation services;
2 nights and three days in the Military-estate «Grun Hof»
breakfasts, dinners and tastings.;
all excursions and entertainment;
all masterclasses;
Insurance (Insurance Group TAS).

Cost does not include:
train tickets;