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Homepage Special offers Military Tour of Transcarpathia "Ways of honvedeis".

Military Tour of Transcarpathia "Ways of honvedeis".

Military Tour of Transcarpathia.
Two days.800 UAH.

Volovets. The meet of the group at the railway station.
Moving — Volovets — Guklyviy — V. Hrabivnytsya — Uklyn — Svalyava — Carpathia — Chynadiyevo — Guklyviy.
Moving complement: military music of the 2nd World War; slide show with the main Hungarian personalities of the 2nd World (Horthy, Miklos B., Saloshi etc.); guide stories about them.

Guklyviy. Stay in Military-estate «Grun Hof». Two-, three-bed rooms with amenities in the room.
Military-estate tour. Introductory historical part of the Second World War from the point of view of Hungarians, general information on defense line of Arpad.
Military breakfast. Served one of the specialties in the soldier metal utensils.
Volovets. Stop at the chapel in honor of the abolition of serfdom in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and pass Menchul.

Verhnya Hrabivnytsya.

• The excursion to the bunker in the village. Upper Hrabivnytsya.
• Review of two ground bunker.

Uklyn. The excursion to the bunker system and Pillboxes.
These fortifications cover the strategic route Vienna — Lviv, which at that time held by Uklyn.

Svalyava. The excursion to the military cemetery.

Dry rations. Designed for military food when there is no possibility to prepare hot meals. Legitimate front 100 grams.

Carpathians. Beregvar family Shenborn-Bukhgeim.

This palace is close in style to the Renaissance, was built in 1890 in place of a wooden hunting house in the tract Beregvar.

Chynadiyevo. St. Miklos — «Castle of two hearts.»

In 1682, the entire Western Europe watched with bated breath for the events that took place in the bedroom of Ilona Zrini …


Dinner, tasting of the tinctures, banya, watching movies about the 2 nd World War in Military-estate «Grun Hof».

Day 2
Moving — Guklyviy — Kolochava — Tereblyanske Reservoir — Guklyviy — Volovets.
during the transfer you’ll have a slideshow about four parts of defense line of Arpad, the guide explains in detail about each of them.

Breakfast at the Military-estate «Grun Hof».

• Mineral River in v.Kelechyn.
• Mineral spring in v. Soimy.
• Helipad near Kamenka (landscapes).
• The command bunker (bus travel, external review).
• Museum «Bunker-hospital.»
• Mineral spring «Borkut»
• Crossing the suspension bridge
• One line, 80 m. — AT pyramid (25 minutes. Walking through the forest).
• Museum of UPA «Bunker of Shtaer.»

Tereblyanske reservoir.

Masterclass on preparation of soldier porridge in a pot, front 100 grams.


Banya procedure in Military-estate «Grun Hof».

Railway station.
Trains arrival • 81K Kyiv — Uzhhorod (Kyiv 18:58 — Volovets 8:09)
• 108SH Odessa — Uzhgorod (Odessa 18:12 — 10:05 Volovets)
• 13 Kiev — Uzhgorod (Kharkiv 9:56 — 9:26 Volovets)
Trains leave • 81 Uzhhorod — Kyiv (Volovets 19:10 — Kyiv 9:23)
• 107SH Uzhgorod — Odessa (Volovets 21:14 — 13:33 Odessa)
• 13L Uzhgorod — Kharkov (Volovets 1:08 — 23:40 Kharkiv)

Price includes:
• Transport service
• Accommodation in Military-estate «Grun Hof»
• Meals (breakfast, dry rations and dinner. Day 1, Dinner 2nd day)
• Feature Tour
• Master classes with cooking porridge of soldiers
• Military keepsake
• Insurance (Insurance Group TAS)
Cost does not include:
• Tickets for the train
• Tickets to the museum — 20 UAH / Person.