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Russian banya

History of the «Russian sauna»

Some of our ancestors — the Slavs — paid great importance to purity of body, so no wonder that such a phenomenon as the sauna, everywhere known as Russian, appeared with the Slavs. But we should not assume that this is exclusively Russian invention. Wooden houses, which were heated built everywhere our European ancestors lived. A custom to steam that arose perhaps accidentally, when someone in such felling pour some water on hot stones near the fire, it became a traditional for a huge number of people around the world. In Transcarpathia this traditional bathhouse caught along with other species, some of them are unique.
Proper use of the Russian sauna has great impact on the treatment of skin from the keratinized layer (which affects peeling based on honey and salt, or the traditional way — broom) and improves breathing of the skin.

A lot of water consumption during the procedure (in the form of herbal teas or mineral water) activates the sweat glands and removes toxins, toxins, subcutaneous fat, and improves the vessels. After the correct procedure in the Russian bath you’ll feel a general relax.

Procedure of «Russian sauna»
The procedure begins with a warm shower and warm up on the wooden deck-chair. The number of recommended measures is 3. The first is no more than 5 minutes without brooms and honey-salt peeling.
The second — with birch, oak, conifer, grass brooms:
They are used with linear-radial method — from feet to neck and back of neck to toe. Steamed broom lightly moisturize the skin, then the movement that sweeps away debris clean the top layer of the epithelium from the legs to the neck.
or honey-salt peeling:
— Any sort of honey mixed with salt (salt to clean keratinized layer of epidermis). During the second event smear the back. During the third event smear the front part of the body (head is not recommended to smear). In this case, together with the honey and salt peeling drink tea on honey-herbal.
Among measures you should wash the sweat with warm water (if the goal — to lose weight), and can accept contrasting procedure (closer to the Hutsul bath). It is advisable to drink herbal teas or mineral water.
No alcohol! Do not eat before and after the bath to 30 minutes.
Contraindications: hypertension and bad heart, do not moisten the head.