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Welcome to the Grün Hof Military Estate

Homepage Grün Hof

Military Estate «Grun Hof» — located in the north of Transcarpathia in the heart of Borzhava. During the 2-nd World War to defend against attack by the Red Army, the Hungarians built a missile defense system Arpada. It length is 600 km and the depth is about 70 km.

Estate built on the remains of the bunker, whose task was to blow up a railway bridge-aqueduct, a breakthrough in the case of Soviet troops through the pass Beskid. Bunker rebuilt and equipped in lobby bar, library and cigar room.

Each of 10 rooms tells the story of one from the Transcarpathian and European defense lines, and the walls open pages of the Hungarian and Czech period of Transcarpathia. The еstate specializes in a separate segment of the «military-tourism and active recreation at all.

If you want to play paintball, fly on a glider, to descend on a catamaran on a mountain river, ski, ride through the mountains on ATV or horses, and after to get acquainted with 6 th cuisine Transcarpathia peoples, it’s to us.

Call us: +38 097 250 42 92