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10 reasons to visit Transcarpathia
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7 wonders of Transcarpathia
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10 reasons to visit the Transcarpathian Region

Homepage Transcarpathia 10 reasons to visit Transcarpathia
1. Hospitality of  Transcarpathians
The archaeological science has proved that the first man in central Europe exactly settled in Transcarpathia, it was 1.1 million years ago …

2. 1000-years old culture
It successfully combines the influences of Eastern and Western cultures and traditions of over two dozen countries, among which was part of our land …

3. Untouched nature
The small size of Transcarpathia has remarkable natural resources …

4. Healing water
There are a lot of healing waters in Transcarpathia. Wherever the well was made, almost certainly encountered in the mineral or geothermal source…

5. Rapid cultural life
Transcarpathia is a birthplace of Munkachi and Gluck, Bokshaya and Roshkovycha — a principality of art …

6. The objects of the national heritage
Unique National Parks — Lake Synevyr, Biosphere reserve Eastern Carpathians and the incredible Valley of daffodils …

7. Bright folk art
Farewell to winter «Slovak fashinhovi plesy» to meet a spring «Romanian mertsishor» ,summer harvest' Marian feasts» or autumn vintage «Hungarian wine balls …»

8. Everything for the active lifestyle and sports
Lakes, small and large rivers awaits for sportmen and fishman…

9. Spicy food, wine and liquor mountain
Hungarian bohrach, Slovak strapachky, Boyko mushroom soup, German shovdar, Lemko bobalky, Czech knedli, Gypsy gurka …

10. Original souvenirs, great «shopping»
Returning from a trip, do not forget about the gifts.